Today's the day...

The Freak Train day. The stand up comedy 5-minute act of doom and total embarrassment ending in ritual suicide under the hot, hot lights. Okay, I won't kill myself. At least consciously. Who knows what my mind may do to me once I'm on the stage looking out at the audience shrouded in deep shadow.

It may go pop. I'll fall over and that will be that.

I'm still see-sawing between going through with it and just going.

I have something prepared. An old post from 2004 that I rewrote and rewrote again starting last night. So yeah, that's another thing against me. Damned near no time spent practicing or even thinking about what I'll be doing. I did record myself reading through the first rewrite a few times and it averaged out to about 2 minutes 30 seconds. I will do my best to not rush through it, but I tell you now if nobody's laughing by the end of the first couple "jokes" I will transform into Speedy Mouth McMumbler. I'll be their shortest act ever.

That's assuming I do it, and don't wuss out. Smart money's on wuss out. It looked a bit windy earlier.

I'm pretty sure someone will be recording, so when the video's up I'll post a link. If there's anything to post. See? See-sawing. One second I want to do it, the next I'm thinking its a bad, bad idea. "Licking a light socket" bad.

I'll also record an MP3 of the "act" tomorrow night and post it in the coming week. Whether I go on stage or not.

Any bets?


Heather said…
If you don't get home you won't get there at all!! Where are you???

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