It's Thursday? Oh yeah.

Being sick messes with your sense of time.

Here's my hastily thrown together submission for this week's Illustration Friday topic "Hide":

IF: "Hide"

Not quite what I wanted it to be, but pretty much the best I could do in the time I allowed myself. I hate the kid. If you click on the image, you will be taken to the flickr page where you can see a larger version.

And here's the sketch:

IF: "Hide" sketch

Likewise, click to be taken to a magical land of bigger options.

I would like to say a quick "hello" to my two newest readers (that I'm aware of). First there's Nate who found me through a random click to a REALLY old post and most recently there's Totsie who found me... I have no idea how she found me. Although we do share a fair number of links. Thanks for coming by guys, and I hope you enjoy the site. I suggest you check out the archives since I'm so slow to post these days.


Derek Knight said…
un-private that flickr page, you!

And yeah, I could've guessed that you hate the kid...You've unleashed a 12-foot tall grim reaper on his unsuspecting ass.

Exactly who/what is hiding here and where? Are there goblins under the cloak? is the moon trying to hide behind el muerte? Has the kid just found the perfect hiding place, where he'll never have to eat his peas or clean his room again? Please to advise.
Collin said…
So if you follow the page, it shows up as private? Well that's annoying. The reason I have it set to private is because that was the only way that Flikr would allow me to be found through a search due to their Terms of Service and the fact that they are a "photo hosting service, and not for drawings." It was a big mess and very annoying. Still, I've turned off the private for these two and we'll see what happens.
Collin said…
Oh, and I suppose I should have explained that "Hide" was the advice the kid might want to take. Also, I was thinking of playing hide and seek at night when I was a kid and how creepy it could be. So. Yeah.
Melinda said…
Hey! I really like your style. That is really cool!
Heather said…
I like it. I'm not biased. At all. I love it.
Audra said…
i really love the sketchy lines, it works well with the piece.
Totsie said…
I lurve being surprised by seeing my name in a post. I feel all diva for a day.

I like all the lines in the sketch. Very Gorey-esque.

ps - I can't remember just how I found my way here either!
Hey there!!

Well thanks for the mention!! I saw it the other day but I have had a whole host of stupid deadlines that have kept me from being able to post a reply!!

...Stupid work taking up my 'net time. In fact I'm there now, oops!!

I just wanted to say thanks so much for posting the step by step stuff and for suggesting the Art Rage pack. It's pretty fantastic and I'm doing my best to encourage my boss to make what I consider to be an essential purchase!! ;)

I have just gotten in to graphic design really and I'm greener than the lovely metallic hues in the Art Rage pallet so any help I can find online is wonderful. Your step by step guides are really useful so thanks!!

I'm working through a Photoshop book right now learning the basics and then I hope to get a more advanced one. I fear i am becoming a geek!! I spend a bit of time trawling the Internet for tips and stuff but I prefer posts and things that are easy to follow and not utterly boring and yours have really been useful.

I also LOVE the Spamapalooza. I have passed that on to a few people that like me just LOVE to recieve that cack in their inbox.

I like to write replies to the ones I get actually- noting the obvious problems with their emails. Sometimes I get replies and we have some witty banter...

One time I had an email from a guy offering me a job, it was brilliant- he made out as though he was some posh textile moghul with a London address. This would be fine except I am British and was bored so i checked the address and found that his street address was in a town near Scotland and his post code was near Wales. C'Mon, if you're going to offer bogus work to people in order to scam their information then at least have a real address.

Anyway, if I get any more than I'll send them on to you.

Alrighty, well back to the fun. I have a deadline but I'll be sure to pop by frequently and check out your latest offerings. Thanks for your hard work, it definitely places a smile on the face of this reader!!

All the best,

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