News flash from the lunatic fringe

Just this minute I received an email from Gotoso Diogo with the subject line "Anna Nicole: The Mystery of Her Death"

The body of the email went on to tell me that she died from an enlarged penis. Her own or someone else's; it wasn't made clear. It was very cryptic. It appeared to be trying pass itself off as spam, seemingly selling me the "#1 Penis Enlargement Solution in the World," but with that subject line I knew there was a deeper meaning. Surely it wasn't chosen at RANDOM. No, my friends, this is not spam. Oh no. There's something "they" don't want us to know about the death of Anna Nicole. The "mystery" of it, if you will. I'm certain that this was really a disguised message from the people "in the know."

How can I be so sure? The answer is hidden in the coded message at the end: "ftkpkkkmkfkjkfmuhmiihihqhkhnhkhhhlishuiolhhthghh"

See? There can be no denying it. If you can't decode it, you weren't meant to know, but I will say that what it reveals is chilling in its evil.

If you do figure out the message, be quiet about it though. Just knowing this could jeopardize your life. The email said "100% Guaranteed risk free" which is obviously meant as a warning of the extreme danger you will be in if you learn of this cover-up. I'm not afraid. I live with fear on a daily basis. I have a teenaged son.

Just remember, the truth of Anna's death is out there. It's walking on three legs.

Luckily we have Gotoso Diogo risking his life to warn us.

You're a good man Gotoso.


Heather said…
Thank God for Gotoso! I'm happy he's got our backs in this important time.

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