Boy Murders Balloon. Film at 11.

This past weekend Heather and I were in downtown Colorado Springs checking out a really big used bookstore. We happened to do this on the only day they were holding the annual Springs Spree celebration. Roads were closed off and people were everywhere. We saw some that were very interesting, two of which stick in my mind.

The first was the hairy, butt crack of doom that put in its appearance across from the fountain in Acacia park. I already talked about him in the comments at Heather's site.

The second we also saw in Acacia Park as we were leaving.

We had pulled up to the corner of Platte and Nevada right at the north-east corner of the park. I looked over to talk to Heather and saw this gangly, freaky looking teenager through her window swinging a balloon against a tree by its string. I said something like, "Look at that! Is that kid beating up a balloon?" She looked and agreed that he certainly was pounding the latex.

Finally, after many anguished swings, he beat the balloon to death. It popped and landed on the sidewalk. I figured, "Well, he killed it." and thought he would wander off to find something else weird to do.

But then he surprised both of us. He went over to the crumpled balloon body, looked around for witnesses (we were sitting about ten feet from him at the red light, staring straight at him and laughing), then picked up the balloon, walked over to a bush – still looking for witnesses – and then he HID THE BODY IN A BUSH! He took special care to make sure the string was hidden as well.

By then the light turned green and we drove away, laughing the whole time.

I have never seen more bizarre behavior exhibited by anyone not obviously insane. If he was planning on actually committing some non-floating-plaything homicide, at the absolute least he might want to work on his observation skills.

People are funny.


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