One is the loneliest postie that you'll ever dooooo!

Okay, yes. I've met someone and we are getting along splendidly. Somehow what little free time I have had in the past has evaporated and that means I'm boring as all hell here.

I'm sorry about that.

It wasn't something that I had been expecting to come along, especially so quickly, no matter how much I have been hoping for it. And it came from someone that I never would have imagined having an interest in me. But that's not so surprising. That could be almost anyone, from my perspective.

Her family likes me, and that is good. She is a she, and that too is good. And she REALLY likes me. Really good. And I feel for her with the same level of intensity that she's shown me. We feel like a good match.

We want to take things slow, but it is very difficult. And not everything around our pursuit of each other is good. But that is for us to work through, and not for you, my visitors, to worry about.

So, that is what I've had on my mind since my last post. Actually, since before my last post. I just wasn't ready to put it into words for the world to read. (those of you who visit ARE the world! At least the world that matters to me. All the rest can go lick a bug.)

And I can HARDLY wait to see what Derek is going to do with this at fizzle & poop. Another reason I held off. Bastard.

I will return to the funny soon.


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