It's time to cast your vote(s)!

Word List was:

The stories in the order presented, with a one line synopsis.

JS1: 2 pts.
Synopsis: A loving tale of sweet, chain-wrapped revenge under the big oak tree.

DK1: 2 pts.
Synopsis: American Pie 4- That shit stops NOW!

TW1: 2 pts.
Synopsis: Childhood memories of unhappy things.

JS2: 2 pts.
Synopsis: A three-hour toooour...a three-hour toooour...

HB1: 2 pts.
Synopsis: It's bad luck for the bride to see the bride on her wedding day.

SR1: 2pts.
Synopsis: I'm not quite sure but it reads like poetry.

jack1: 2 pts.
Synopsis: Puppy love.

JK1: 2 pts.
Synopsis: Soft core porn isn't made, it just happens.

CB1: 2 pts.
Synopsis: Get the hell out of my house already, beYOTCH!

JK2: 2 pts.
Synopsis: Kahnrad was pwn3d!

DK2: too wordy, gets the axe. *chunk*

DK3: 2 pts.
Synopsis: A court case that is a bit too revealing.

24 Hours for voting, up to four stories for each voter. Also, I forgot to mention this in the rules revision but we talked about it Friday night and the voting should be kept to the people who posted stories from now on. The reason being there is no registration required to comment, and it would be easy (but quite silly) to pad the vote. But I do hope that people who didn't write a story did enjoy reading all of them, and perhaps this will encourage them to write next time.

Thanks for playing and let the voting begin!


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