*dingding* Round Two

Let's try some rule changes for this one.

x1: You are allowed to write more than one story.
x2: If you use all 5 words in a story it gets 2 points, if you don't it starts off with 0 points.
x3: Label each story you write at the beginning with your initials and the number story it is, for example: CB1, DK3, HB53.
x4: When it's time to vote you can choose up to 4 stories by saying something like, "I vote for HB2, DK1, DK3, JS2."
x5: You still can't vote for yourself, but you can vote for more than one story by the same person. Just not the same story more than once.

If we somehow get a huge amount of stories this time, we may limit the total number next time to two or three, but for now it's wide open.

Good luck, and may the best arrangement of letters win.

Here are the words for this round:



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