Would you look at that?!

Okay, it seems that the most popular thing I've added to this blog is the Storytelling game. I know that the comics and cards were much loved, but let's face it, the game is seriously less demanding on my creativity and time.

What's more, I have other game ideas as well! I know! It's freaking great! The only problem is they aren't games that work so well in a comments format.

So I was kicking around solutions for this problem and finally took the plunge. I added a forum to FnP. It is meant to augment the content that appears on this site, and not replace it. So no fear. I will still be posting the same great stuff I have been for years, it's just that some of it will carry over to the forum for added enjoyment.

Currently it is a sad, scrawny little skeleton of a forum. I have some boards set up, just waiting for posts, but as yet only have the welcoming post. It's such a lonely post.

Tomorrow I will be posting the third Storytelling game both here and at the forum on the Open Games board. I would like for you wonderful visitors to post your stories on the forum this time, rather than in the comments. This will allow many great new things, not the least of which is more than 1000 characters per story. I felt bad that so many people liked Derek's 2nd story, but couldn't vote on it since it got cut off. Well, not next time! This time if his story doesn't get votes it's because it sucks!

I also think that it might be possible to enable a voting system for the posts so it won't be a big pain in the butt. I'll check it out in the next 48 hours or so.

So, there you go. Right now the FnP forum is a pristine wall of blankness. Grab a couple cans of spray paint on your way over and have some fun.


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