Important forum update!

Apparently, that's the problem. There are important daily updates that my forum provider does...umm...daily. It will say that it is unavailable until 2pm pacific. I don't think it's entirely accurate since I just went there and it is working. So if you get that message check back in ten minutes or so.

Also, for whatever reason when you go from page to page it won't automatically update so that you can view the new posts if you've already been to a page. I have no idea why. So you may need to hit reload on each page you go to. Stupid and irritating, YES! But free! If anyone knows of a way to stop this from happening, please share.

One last thing, the posting for round of stories has ended. Now it's time for voting. this time around you don't have to have written a story to vote. There are quite a few good ones, so please take some time to check them out. Here's a direct link to really make it easy:

Storytelling Game 3

I'll also include a direct link for game 4. Have a great day!


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