Burning the 1 a.m. oil.

Hello all, this fine Sunday wee-early-hour morning. I can't sleep because I crashed earlier Saturday afternoon and slept the sleep of the just (heh). So I figured I would take some time and update my links to include a few more of the interesting places that I like to visit from time to time. I tried this earlier in the week and just when I had finished it up Safari crashed and I lost it all. This time I got smart and did it all in TextEdit. Wee, look at my smartness! It oozes!

It is going to be VERY hard to go back to work on Monday. I was just beginning to enjoy being a lazy bum around the house. Oh well, all good things must etc.

What's going to be the most difficult on Monday (as far as I know) is waking up. I'm a night person by nature and if I'm allowed to I gravitate to that schedule. So now I'm used to being up until 3 am and sleeping until 11 am. or whenever. My daughter is the same way. It's 1 am and she's still fighting the sandman. Even with a promise of a trip to the swimming pool tomorrow. Stubborn little monkey.

I thought there was something else that I wanted to tell everyone, but I can't think of what it was.

So I guess that's it. Nothing terribly exciting, but hey! This is as fun as I get!


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