The results are in! Fresh off the interwebthingie!

Okay, I put off lunch for a few minutes. I must love you guys. Here are the results in cut-n-paste order. Heather managed to end Derek's evil one week reign, and isn't that always the way. You can't trust siblings. However Justin pulled in a close second which just goes to show: Don't underestimate the power of porn!

HB1: 8 pts.
Synopsis: It's bad luck for the bride to see the bride on her wedding day.

JK1: 6 pts.
Synopsis: Soft core porn isn't made, it just happens.

DK1: 5 pts.
Synopsis: American Pie 4- That shit stops NOW!

TW1: 5 pts.
Synopsis: Childhood memories of unhappy things.

CB1: 5 pts.
Synopsis: Get the hell out of my house already, beYOTCH!

DK3: 5 pts.
Synopsis: A court case that is a bit too revealing.

JK2: 4 pts.
Synopsis: Kahnrad was pwn3d!

JS1: 3 pts.
Synopsis: A loving tale of sweet, chain-wrapped revenge under the big oak tree.

JS2: 3 pts.
Synopsis: A three-hour toooour...a three-hour toooour...

SR1: 3 pts.
Synopsis: I'm not quite sure but it reads like poetry.

jack1: 3 pts.
Synopsis: Puppy love.

I hope you will all join me next week for another round of storytelling, and bring some friends. The mo', the mo' betta. I'm off to enjoy my last official day of vacation and get some eats. I'm hungry!


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