Round 3 is History

The words we needed to use were "Under, Marry, Kitten, Milk, Meat"

The Winner of round three was Jenn Schall with this interesting entry:
He reached under her and caressed her nipples between his fingers. His hands were gentle as they stroked and teased her, and she moaned softly at the pleasure it brought. He looked over at her big brown eyes, "you are a beautiful girl" he told her, as his hands moved about her body. She was almost there just a few more strokes, and he would be finished. He heard the kitten purring loudly now, as if it were begging for some milk, and then she was finished. She had given him all she had. "Damn cat you better not knock over the bucket again" he yelled. Then he picked up the bucket of milk, and turned to leave the barn. He could smell meat cooking on the grill, and knew he should hurry. He still couldn't believe today was the day he would marry the woman of his dreams.

2nd Place went to Derek Knight and myself. My story was long, so I'm only going to post Derek's. If you really want to read my story head over to the game page. Here's Derek's story:
"YOU WILL MARRY LORD BURTON" the father bellowed at his daughter, before forcing her head under the water once more. As she thrashed about, struggling against the sheer weight of his grasp, he calmly reflected on the many times that he had to intervene in her life, simply for her own good. Forcing her to marry a very successful, if not dashing, landowner was a minor event by comparison. "Any woman in the village would be overjoyed to simply serve as this man's housemaid," he thought to himself. This childish struggle against his will was baffling to say the least.

A commotion upriver brought his thoughts back to the present. As he turned, he saw a small kitten floating towards him, struggling against the current and mewing frantically. This lone feline was followed closely by a large burlap bag, bound securely at the top. The bag itself seemed to be pulsing and struggling against the river, fighting it's fate to the bitter end. The old man smiled a knowing smile. These were surely the cats that he had disposed of earlier in the day. How ironic that they would all met again in this manner, he mused.

After joyfully watching those horrid little animals drift off toward certain doom, he turned his attention back to the task at hand. It was now painfully obvious, however, that his daughter's thrashing had ceased. Her body was limp and her face was frozen in an expression of horrific torture. "Damn those cats," he thought. "NOW who can I marry off to Lord Burton?" Saddened by his error, he gathered his daughter's lifeless form in his burly arms and slowly carried her back to their modest dwelling. He laid her carefully on her bed, lovingly smoothed out her hair and clothing and slowly closed the lids of her beautiful blue eyes. Knowing that he would need strength for what lie ahead, he set about preparing himself a meal of boiled meat and goat's milk. Once his hunger was sufficiently suppressed, he set to the task of fashioning a very large burlap bag...

And the 3rd place award went to Tricia, the Demon Queen herself:
He makes his way through the kitchen; he had come through the back door in hopes of not making noise and waking her up.

As he passes, he sees the dinner she made for him last night. The meat and potatoes are stuck to the plate like they have been frozen in time.

He has an ominous feeling, a feeling of complete loneliness. He sees the baby’s bottle lying under the sofa. The milk inside has gone sour. He knows she must have left sometime during the night.

Probably right around the time that he was having his last drink at the bar.

It wasn’t his first ‘mistake’, sometimes when he went out with the guys he would meet a woman, nothing serious, just shoot pool or whatever, but by the time the booze got the best of him, he had no willpower to say no.

Then he would come slinking home and she would meet him, eyes filled with tears and a million accusations.

He half falls onto the couch, still reeling from the night before.
He picks up his little girl’s stuffed kitten and lays his cheek against it.
It has her sweet baby smell.

He hangs his head and lets the tears come.

She was the only woman he ever wanted to marry.
He can’t live without her.

I hope you can all be enticed to join us in the fourth round. I'll post here when it begins. If you are interested in joining please leave a comment so I can get an idea of when to start the round.


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