And more annoyance

Normally I would shove this in my Junk Drawer where I keep most of the bit pieces found on my Internet travels. However I'm posting this one here because it ties in rather nicely (I feel) with my previous post, and also because I really, REALLY like this particular mashup.

If you haven't heard it yet you still have a few days to grab it before it becomes unavailable and possibly more illegal.

Boing Boing: Legal threats for linking to mashup

Disney, in my opinion at least from having followed their copyright shenanigans for the last several years, is one of the largest obstacles for an artist these days. Art isn't created in a void and Disney(™®©π∑º) has flooded our popular culture with so many icons, images and sounds for the past few decades that it's difficult to resist the desire to do something new with some of it.

In my opinion, if someone is using bits of your "stuff" to make more, fun, "reworked so much it feels new" "stuff" and then tossing it into the CC void while not making a dime off it, AND they aren't doing it as an attack on your company then it's not hurting anything.

As it is, I didn't know that Disney held the rights to Queen's music until I read this. When I first listened to "A night at the Hip Hopera" I didn't feel that it desecrated the memory of Queen, and I didn't even give Disney a thought.

Now that I know Disney owns the right AND are threatening to SUE someone for LINKING to this really cool mashup, I do think even less of them then I already did. They are hurting themselves more than the Kleptones are.

They need to be smacked in the mouse.


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