Gimme that Olde Tyme Religion!

So I sacrificed my kids last night to the Elder Gods.

Nah, just kidding. But I did take them Trick-or-Treating which I'm sure has imperiled their souls in someone's eyes. For the first time since my son's been alive (as far as I can remember. I'm old and foggy.) we actually had nice munchie mooching weather. There was no wind and it was moderately warm. I took along their coats just in case, but we didn't need them. And I got a sweaty arm for the effort.

We only had an hour to beg so we stuck to participating apartments in the complex. Halfway around the main road their buckets were nearly full and we decided to stick to the bottom floor apartments from that point on. The overall consensus was that baby girl was cuuuute and the boy was creepy looking. Mission accomplished; everyone happy.

Then we returned to our apartment to kill the remaining 20 minutes before we headed off to bear witness to the clash of the hockey titans. By that I mean the conflict between my brother Trevor's hockey team and my coworker Derek's hockey team. Derek, as I'm sure you know, also happens to be my girlfriend's brother. To say that interests were conflicted would be an understatement.

Derek's team was still winless going into that night, and Trevor's team had won their first game the previous weekend. Trevor had done a fair amount of trash talking before the game. Also Derek's wife and father were there to cheer him on (my Heather and their mom were still on their way back from the Bronco game), and our mom and step-dad were there to cheer Trevor on. And there I sat, in the middle. It was like that scene in 'Romeo and Juliet' where their families played hockey.

Personally, I was hoping for a good, close, well played game. I didn't have a predetermined desire for a winner because I didn't really want either team to lose. I just wanted us to all get along. And THAT was a stupid attitude. That was the most uncomfortable I've been in a long time, and MAINLY because Derek's team whooped up on Trevor's. The whooping didn't really take off until the second period, but then WHAP! Ass kick city.

I felt bad for Trevor, in spite of all of his pre-game trash talk. His team might as well have not been there. He faced 54 shots, and had some really great saves, but his defense... I have NO IDEA what they were doing. Falling down a lot it seemed. Even our mom agreed that Trevor's team was there in body alone.

I'm quite sure that he was disappointed and annoyed, but I couldn't stick around to offer my condolences since the weather had finally started to behave normally for the last day of October and it was snowing and blowing and I wanted to get the kids home. I just hope he knows that I felt he played great considering how many shots he faced and not having a defense to speak of.

This morning the roads were icy, the wind was freaking cold and blowing hard, and the other drivers were annoying. Also, school got canceled. The first time it snowed. That doesn't bode well for this Winter.
I wonder if Jehovah's Witnesses give out copies of 'The Watchtower' on Halloween. And are they annoyed by all the people coming to their doors for a change, or do they figure that fair is fair?
Oh yeahhhhh. I hope you aren't waiting on the photos of the French Toast sticks because I threw them away. They had begun to curl in on themselves so I figured it was a lost cause. Heather saw them before they went though, so she can back up what I said about them. Just nasty.


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