What's this in my bag?

I went to Chipotle for lunch the other day, and in the bag when I pulled out my food was an advertisement card. Apparently they are offering a vegetarian burrito now, and this is some kind of tie-in... BUT! Well. Fine. Here's the front of the thing so you can see it yourself:

On an ad that has only three elements (title, logo and "slogan") isn't there some kind of limit to the number of sexual innuendoes allowed? Like maybe, I dunno, one? And if there are more than one, should their messages conflict with each other?

The first one made me chuckle (the title), because I have that kind of sense of humor. But the second one... Okay, let's assume this is targeting vegetarians in an effort to get them interested in the new burrito. How many of them will be amused by, "You Can't Beat Our Meat."? None of the really serious ones I would imagine.

We have a newly hired vegetarian in the art department, and as much as I would love to get her reaction to this, I'M not going to be the one to show it to her. I may not like my job, but I do need it.

But wait! It gets better! On the back of this card is just the kind of information that is CERTAIN to draw the vegans into Chipotles around the country:

That's right! "The Meat On Our Meat"!

You will notice, I hope, that throughout the entire text they never refer to "cows". It's always called by its end-product name of "beef". Hmmm. Oh yeah, and the introduction of "bovinely" and "bovine" in the place of "divinely" and divine" is a nice, "witty" touch. "Only the best witty for OUR customers!"

In my opinion they may as well have added at the bottom, "See, vegans, we aren't just mincing up any old mobile beef that we happen to find by the roadside. Just the pure ones! They are so much better tasting than your average, chemically and mentally fucked up, um... beef. Even better than eating a vegetarian if you ask our ad guys! And in this way we are helping to make the world a better place. Our meat-eating customers are getting healthier, safer beef bits to chew and you can go hug the nasty poisoned ones to your veggie lined heart's content. Win-win!"

Although there really wasn't enough room on the card I suppose.

I just don't know... On the one hand I'm amused at the absurdity of it all. On the other hand I have to wonder just what were they thinking? Did it twig in any of their brains how this looks? Or is it intentional? A viral marketing ploy of some bizarre kind? Get the vegans in the joint angry if you have to, but get them in so we can sell them veggie burritos.

Anyway, back to work. Have a good weekend all! I'll start answering questions "soon"!


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