You would think

that after a 4-day weekend I would have SOMETHING to write about, but I feel so tired right now that nothing's coming.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Derek's house. In spite of my best effort I passed out on the couch. I only hope I didn't snore or drool too much. Heather assured me that I didn't, but she loves me so she may be playing it down.

Friday afternoon Heather and I braved the crazies out Christmas shopping to go to CompUSA and buy a monitor for my new computer. That proves she loves me. She took what was at least two hours out of her day to spend among the masses shopping for something that didn't likely interest her at all and she didn't complain!

Oh yeah, and I have a new computer at home now. It's a mixed blessing. I had to take out a loan against my 401k to be able to afford it, and now I'm stuck here until I pay it off. But it's a mid-range G5 tower, so it's expandable (unlike my previous G4 Cube) and it SHOULD last me more than 3 years for usability. I didn't get it set up until late Saturday night and still have a fair amount of tweaking to do.

And that's about it.

I have a strong feeling that I am entering a posting dry spell at least as far as interesting/funny posts go. Or maybe it's just because it's Monday.


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