Monday, Monday...

... can't trust that day.

Ah Winter. When the ground is covered by snow and the roads by construction cones. Much like "The Mammas & The Papas".

Okay. fine. The snow melted off, but it'll be back! And the construction cones will be waiting, I'm sure. As for "The Mammas & The Papas", they wrote that song. It's not MY fault it's stuck in my noggin.

I would have been on time to work this morning. I really would have! But I hit a point on my normal route into work where Academy Blvd. (big road) narrowed down from three lanes to just one lane. I turned off as soon as I could but I lost at least 10 minutes and I was 10 minutes late. So see? I would have been on time if it weren't for the construction.

Derek told me a while ago that it was due to a water main break. There was already construction being constructed there and I guess they got sloppy or something. What can you do? Be late I suppose. That'll teach me to try and be on time. That won't be happening again any time soon, I assure you.

And then a bit further on my route (after rejoining it past the detour) I hit ANOTHER spot of construction that wasn't quite as difficult to slip around but was still an annoyance.

So I was thinking about it while driving (since I don't have a radio and am therefor forced to think of stuff) and I came to this conclusion: Statistically speaking either 20% of the roads in Colorado Springs are in various states of construction/destruction OR I'm being messed with. Or I'm just unlucky. Statistics is such a fuzzy science.

Also, I passed by a couple of buses full of kids outside the School for the Deaf and Blind and that got me thinking about just how much that must suck. More for the blind kids than the deaf kids. Can you imagine going to school on a bus and you can't see ANYTHING? And yet they still look out the windows.

I suppose the blind kids might take the aisle seats and let the deaf kids have the window seats. But their eyes didn't follow me when I did this: (waving hand really fast). And if I were one of the blind kids I would WANT an aisle seat so I could make faces at... well... whatever was looking I suppose. The deaf child next to me could aim me. We'd work out a system.

So. How much bad Karma did I just rack up do you suppose? Oodles is my guess. Funny, I don't feel that bad about making up God or Jesus based funniness, but I get a twinge of guilt when I talk about deaf and blind children. What's with that?

I must be a heathen or something. A reasonably polite heathen that can use utensils and form sentences.

I need a radio in my car. That'll fix it.


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