One person's nightmare...

... is another person's pleasant dream.

I had a night of sleep that felt like a good, refreshing eight hours, although it was really only about six and a half, tops. Minus a bit for various near-waking incidents.

I like those kinds of nights.

Usually they involve wall-to-wall dreaming although most of the time I don't remember much about the dreams.

Last night was pretty much the same way. Although I do recall how one dream segment went.

I was in a classroom, and I had just finished the last of the work that I had been staying late to do when all of a sudden I was surrounded by numerous undead creatures and various other monsters (I recall a Cthulhu kinda thing and a werewolf, as well as others).

Somehow I ducked and dodged my way out of the room and into the hallway, tore around a corner and hid in a darkened side room. There was a gangly teenager with wild eyes in there already and I asked him if he minded if I stayed there until the monsters had gone.

At first he seemed to shake his head "no", but then it turned into that kinda head shaking effect from "Jacob's Ladder" and he dove at me.

I slid to the side and slammed him to the ground as he was going past, put my foot against his chest, said, "Well, so much for getting along." and then shot him in the face.

Where I got the gun from, I have no idea, but it did the job.

And then after that the dream moved along an entirely different track that I don't recall anything of. I think it shifted because my subconscious was wondering about the gun, and rather than wake me it found it easier to change directions.

Not as pleasant as Heather's dream, but overall I enjoyed it. And I *think* it may have been partly triggered by some of the board games we saw this weekend while Christmas shopping. They looked like good, creepy fun.

Or perhaps I'm just weird.

That's it for today. Lean, I know. Sorry. I doubt I'll have anything new to post tomorrow, unless I do it from home tonight. We have to squeeze five days of work into three and we are down one artist. And the "EMERGENCIES!" are already beginning.


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