It's Wednesday

For those of you who aren't paying attention, or those who are in a radically different time zone. I'm busy at work and the next two days are probably going to be quite busy as well. You see, Derek's abandoning us tomorrow and Friday to go celebrate his wedding of all things. So, extra work for all. Yay. But seriously, I hope Derek has a fantastic four day Anniversary. We'll be waiting for him on Monday.

I am working on (ie: thinking about how to go about starting) a post that covers my various obsessions and addictions, but that's probably not going to be done until Monday-ish.

In the meantime here's how I feel about Halo 2 having played it (but not played it on XBox Live) for about 2.5 hours (1 hour single player and 1.5 in system link battle with my son and daughter):

It's like the first Halo only "more". More weapons, more expansive levels, more story development, more vehicles (and destructible), more enemies, more details, and overall more fun.

But there are some glitches that surprise me considering how long it was in development.

Even more fun than in the first Halo is the multiplayer game. There still aren't computer controlled bots to fill things out if you don't have Live. In that case you need friends and a big enough TV that playing on a split screen isn't too annoying (or extra XBoxes and TVs to enjoy system-link. It cuts down on cheating, but costs more.)

I do have Live, but haven't tried it out yet. I want to dust off my (hah) "skillz" first. The other problem is I don't like a lot of the asshats that can be found on Live. Still, I'll try it out this weekend and see how it is.

Oh yeah. To fill out the next two days here at F&P, since I won't have much time for creating funny things on my own, I may as well snag the whole, "Ask a question and I'll make up SOME answer to it later" thingie that's been going around. So. Go ahead. Ask me some questions and I'll tell you some lies. I reserve the right to ignore any that don't amuse me though.

And that's it. My break's up and I have to get back to "it". Have a good night all.


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