Answering questions: part 1

Okay, taking a quick break from trying to fix all the things wrong with the new computer here at work and I thought I would answer a few of the questions that I was asked last week:

el sid asks:

Q: what was your favorite book as a child?
A: "Never Tease a Weasel". Not really a book, more of a short story, but it was in a fantastic collection of nonsense stories that my mom had bought for me. That was my favorite story in the book. Then she leant it to a friend who wanted to Xerox it (my mom, a pirate pioneer) and the woman never gave it back. Now it's gone forever.

Q: vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry?
A: Why certainly! And in large amounts.

Q: did you know that those are the only ice cream flavors they have in England?
A: Hmmm. Not sure I believe this. But then again when I was in England back at the end of the 80's I ordered a chocolate shake at the locally run dive on base my first night there. I nearly vomited. I think I stuck to ice cream purchased from the commissary for the rest of my tour of duty.

Q: if you could travel anywhere in the entire world, right now, where would you go and why?
A: Assuming it was a round trip I would pop over to England to load up on all the Terry Pratchett goodies that we can't get here. And do other stuff as well, while I was there.

Heather asks:

Q: Favorite Zim episode?
A: Oh sure, make me choose. Arrgh. I can't single out one favorite, but up among the top is "Ultra Peepee".

Q: Favorite Terry Pratchett book & character?
A: Again, hard question to answer since he writes about so many different characters. I guess if I would have to choose I would say Commander Vimes is my favorite character, and favorite book would be 'Guards! Guards!' followed by 'Night Watch'

Q: Favorite thing about your job?
A: At this moment, it's having the new computer FINALLY! This thing SCREAMS! Just a bit buggy. Gotta tame it.

Q: Favorite thing about your girlfriend?
A: She's very fun, shares my sense of humor, seems to understand me even when I am at my weirdest, enjoys spending time with my kids and is smoking hot!

Q: If you could go back to any point in history, what would it be and why?
A: I would probably go back to my younger self and tell me to relax, it's not as bad as it seems. I know, lame answer with all of history to travel to, but there you go.

And the last set of questions for this break are from nicki:

Q: If you could be any bug in the world what would it be?
A: Mothra.

Q: What kind of alcohol have you developed a taste oversion to and why?
A: A long, long time ago I totally went overboard with Crown Royal. I went past drunk, but didn't pass out. My head just hurt like hell. And then for the next three years anytime I drank alcohol I would get an immediate headache. So I stopped drinking. Don't know if that counts as an aversion though. Oh yeah, and once I had uzo. Instant taste aversion. Nasty. Blech.

Q: Do you have a criminal record, if so what for?
A: Does Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" count? Just kidding. I don't have anything by MJ. And no actual criminal record either. Nothing that followed me past the age of 18 at least.

Q: What is your favourite kind of music/bands?
A: I have a wide, wiiiiide variety of musical taste. Let's see, top of mind: Modest Mouse, Scissor Sistors, the Cure, Talking Heads, Moody Blues, ICP, the Aquabats, Dance Hall Crashers, No Doubt, Depeche Mode, OMD, Ivor Biggun, Pink Floyd (sorry Heather), The Beastie Boys, The Beatles, Neutral Milk Hotel, Toasters, Elton John, Front 242, Nine Inch Nails, Fleetwood Mac, Kraftwerk, Bran Flakes, various classical musicians, and... a lot more I'm sure.

And I'll answer more next time. Now to lunch!


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