A quick update:

I just got back from dropping off the (hopefully) final proof of the ad I bitched about at CS's desk and I had the pleasure of watching her for a few seconds as she "designed" another new layout. It brought to mind one of the slower, special children doodling on her desk with a pen knife.

Also, this may have been my mind filling in the details afterward, but I would swear that I could see the tip of her tongue sticking out of her mouth as she drew.

She was so TOTALLY focused on what she was doing I don't think she was aware that I was there. It's hard to find fault with such dedication to one's craft. Except the craft in question isn't actually HER craft (it's ours, the artists) and she's total shit at it.

She could never have drawn the pirate or the parrot off the matchbook cover. The flim-flam man would have written her back and said, "Even though we are total bastards and would take money from even the most hopeless art hopeful, your pictures actually made us weep blood. Please burn this letter and forget you ever heard of us."

And I am NOT taking that ad. I'll quit first.


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