B², formerly of "Trout Fishing in South Central Wisconsin" down in my music blog link list has apparently changed his site over to "What!". I just found this out because his link-through appeared in my sporadic "Referring Web Pages" thingie and I followed it back. I've enjoyed his sense of humor from the first time I read his original site and it's good to see that he's doing something again. I got particular enjoyment out of his "Powered by Anger" tag at the bottom of the page. Awesome.


Anonymous said…
Search this thing - it is hilarious how people cant even spell right when they are selling something on eBay

David said…
Hi. Found your site by searching for fly fishing for trout. I was wondering if anyone else has come accross this site - fly fishing for trout. I believe it's new and I'm looking for recommendations from someone who knows, before I buy this fly fishing training book.
fly fishing for trout
George said…
Hello. Just looking for some good fly patterns for still water lakes. Any comments?
fly fishing

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