Parody Design

Some of you might be offended by this and I want it to be known up front that I have nothing against PETA. They put naked women in cages out in public and I can respect that.


When I saw this design:

it spoke to me and what it said was "I need you to make fun of me!" Kind of a Wonderfalls moment, really.

I held off as long as I could. Seriously. I first saw it a few weeks ago. But the voices win. They always win. So here it is:

Since they have theirs on a thong I figure I should put mine on boxers.


deanne said…
Fucking spammers. Seriously - there's a special place for them in hell.

I have no fondness for PETA, so I had a good little snicker over "the nugget".
Collin said…
Yep. If the spammers get too much for me to keep up with, and don't at least provide me with something that I can enjoy making fun of, I'll have to turn on word verification. Glad I made you snigger.
Derek Knight said…
yay nuggets!
Heather said…
I love it! Both of them actually. The little chick is so cute but he sure looks tasty as a forbidden nugget of chickeny goodness!! Mmm...where's the Sweet & Sour sauce???
foxymama said…
Just don't put it on the back...please. ~;^)
Jared said…
That. Is truly awesome.

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