It's Friday!

No, really, this time it is!

For me at least.

I'm taking off tomorrow to take delivery of my new (rental) washer & dryer. Yeah, I know, renting is stupid. In my defense it's not through Rent-A-Center and it works out to $1 a day. In one week at my complex's laundry room I spend $6.75 so that means I'll be paying an extra 25¢ a week for the convenience of being able to wash what I want when I want. It's worth it for now.

I'm also taking off the REAL Friday because I realized that I wanted to. Awesome, huh?

"Does this mean that you are going to work on something awesome for your admittedly pathetic-as-of-late site?" you ask. Of course not! I'm going to get my laundry caught up, do a little house cleaning and organizing and then goof off like a crazy person. You just KNOW that crazy people goof off. They have to. They even get special clothing because of it. With buckles. Shiny, shiny buckles.


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