More with the comics.

I'm gradually making my way through the comics of my youth and will once again be dipping into Moon Knight territory for post fodder.

Man, comics then were not at all like they are now. All the way through the entire book there was nary a near-bared boobie in sight. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a plot either.

These panels come from MK issue #5 which was released in March of 1981. Those were the days. I was just finishing up my third Middle School at that time. I was an awkward, shy 13 year old goober. So much has changed. Hah.

Here's the cover of this week's issue:

And now on to a few select panels:

I really like this splash page. It shows potential. Unfortunately, it was potential that wouldn't be reached this issue. Dig the red windows. I recall wanting to do that to my house when I grew up. I still haven't though. Someday...

Apparently there was a bit of a communication difficulty between the colorist and the rest of the staff.

Twice. All I can say is that's the reddest green I've ever seen. Perhaps the colorists wasn't going to allow his art to be constrained by "the man". Oh, and "Frenchie" is the helicopter pilot. Yes, that blocky crescent shaped thing at the top of the panel is a helicopter. It's a "special" helicopter that has seen better panels. And Frenchie flies it. Surprisingly he was a big, blonde Swede. Hah. I'm kidding. He was an oily Frenchman and even sported a leetle black mustache, aviator cap and French tinted dialog. I guess they could have gone one step more toward the obvious and named him "Froggy".

See? Art. And don't be talkin' 'bout Ridditch's mama, beotch!

But the colorist isn't the only person to make mistakes this time around. Oh no. This time the penciler made the boo-boo with the tail of the second word balloon. Either that or Redditch is a line stealer in addition to being a crazy idiot mama's boy with an itchy trigger finger and a tooth gap to rival David Letterman.

And for today's last panel I give you this. Glubs are pretty stunning, but not as stunning as light on a gravestone.

I might have more next week, material permitting.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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