My Blog Worth

Just to let everyone know, the repenting is going along swimmingly. Between sessions of confessions I found this at boingboing. I went ahead and tried it out and this was the result:

My blog is worth $18,065.28.
How much is your blog worth?

In many ways this is sad. My blog, my leetle imaginary spot on the interwebthingie, is apparently worth more than my student loans and credit cards combined. Heck, it's even worth more than everything in my apartment, excluding the children but including the fish and frogs. However I'm nowhere near the $9 meeeeelion that boingboing is worth, so there is room for improvement.

Be sure if you give it a shot that you click on "take the test again".

Now, back to the repenting. It's not a good sign if your priest starts to drink the blood of Christ straight from the bottle, is it?


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