You just made my list.

Not you. The woman driving in front of me this weekend. She made the list of things that annoy me. As opposed to the "List of People Who Would Disappear If I Gained Absolute Power", although there's likely to be some overlap. I don't have an actual, written out "List of Annoyances". At least not until now. Now this woman is on my list. At the top of it in fact, until I add more. Which I will. Eventually. Here's the list so far:

The woman in the big ass, brand new SUV that slowed down for a speed bump more than I did in my 8-year old Kia. I mean, come on! Your land barge isn't made of porcelain and the bump isn't that large! Unless you are hauling something far more unstable than your children, I think you can manage that wee bump at a speed greater than 2 mph. While you're puttering along my tacos are getting cold, dammit!

More to come, I'm sure.

Bonus content:

The funniest thing my daughter said this weekend.

"I wish I was the first one to come out of mom!"


Heather said…
Some people just don't understand speed bumps!

Ha! That's so funny. Of course, I was the first one to come out of my Mom so I wouldn't know how Jordyn feels. And that's such a great picture of her!!
foxymama said…
She is utterly adorable!! Your daughter, I mean, not the driving challenged one... ~;^) That is wonderful picture.
Derek Knight said…
did you get your tacos from the same place as the guy who shot himself in the nuts?
Collin said…
Heather: No, they don't She was probably going slow enough that I could have parked, walked up to her and explained how they wouldn't hurt her vehicle. And yes, that's a pretty good picture of her.

foxy: Yeah, and she's confident in her adorableness.

Derek: I don't think so. At least it didn't happen while I was there.

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