A Monkey Tribute Post

As some of you know, Monkey has been basically retired for some time now. To help keep the memory of the always funny Monkey alive until his promised return I've decided to start a major religion. Wait. No. I'm going to do a "Monkey Tribute Post". However instead of a bunch of random things as he tended to do, I'm going to stick with just one because I'm lazy and I'm not Monkey.

Favorite confession from today's Grouphug:
"i am using J to get to his friend, K.
then once i get with K, it will make S jealous.
once S realizes my hottness, he will dump that slutty hoe bag C and get with me.
then maybe if i'm lucky i can have K and S at the same time because that family sure has hot genes.

yep. that's the master plan. "

(Trouble's a-brewing in my bowl of Alpha-Bits. I think it might be the work of a rogue Cheerio. - Collin)


foxymama said…
Ei yi yi...yi yi yi yi yi yi... ~;^)
Heather said…
Ummm...yeah. Yikes!
plasticdoc said…
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Collin said…
Hi plasticdocbob. I'm happy you found my post to be "intersting". Oh so happy. If I ever happen to find myself in San Diego or Tijuana with a dental emergeny, I'll be sure to stop in. You betcha.
Collin said…
"emergeny" heheh. Oops.

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