A meme theme

From the Retropolitan.

To follow the meme properly, I'm supposed to stop at five, but I'm not gonna. I'm a rebel. Instead I'm doing to at least triple up because Collin really needs to fill up a Monday post.

According to Google, "Collin needs"...

... to get a life!!!
... to have an external fixator.
... to race to be whole again.
... to work fast.
... to take a sourpuss pill and lighten up!
... to pick up a trade and become part of the working class.
... prayer for eyes that are recovering from infection.
... to have some fake jokes.
... someone to watch his back.
... to stop putting things in my head.
... some prozac....remember his incident in Africa with the taxi driver?
... help building and maintaining lasting friendships that will be a positive influence on him as well as his friends.
... to open his gift from Aunt Carla and Uncle Gary first," Jon replied. "He’s being a butthead," Cathy contributed.
... a lot of support, and for me, the challenge with coaching is working with athletes like Collin and helping him grow.
... a very responsible Owner that will always love and take care of him. Cost: $40
... to get a blog, then I could read that too, though I don’t think he’s much into writing in a blog, emails, yes, I get them occassionally.
... to take some anger management classes and take a good look at himself.
... to work on a "diapers in the army" shoot ;).
... to be right.
... hair.
... to work on his mean look. He isn't as mean-looking as Jesse James.
... a power thingy, 12v.
... a shower he is starting to stink rotten. Hmm whats this ... a yellow bunny rabbit has come over to fight with collin.
... to be taken in an alley and taught a lesson.
... to shut up quickly.
... almost constant supervision. He is all boy and his attention span is like 4 seconds.
... a WOOWOO
... a Telling off!!!
... to put in some work roun here.
... to put more weight on before we can Start decreasing his feeds.
... to shut up and play!
... To be un grounded and you guys need To call me so we can All cheeeel:).
... to keep it rubber side Down
... mommy milk 'Cause he's hungry" it's cute.
... funds for his delapidated country estate.
... the money to pay off a scratching post that Catreece ordered online using his mom's credit card.
... a mullet to go with his Banjo... and mayhap we should call him jimmy Collin Wynne, But You gotta say it fast with a bit of a twang.
... to start kissing only girls, cause he's disturbing the rest of the hetero-youth.

And the winner for "most nonsensical" is:

... to talk to quin online because hes never on, or is quin never on so collin thinks quins never on and that he wont talk to collin.

Go ahead and ask Google what you need – be sure to put "your-name needs" in quotes – and have a great week.


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