My Little Monsters

Well, one little monster and one big monster. Would you believe, my son is only 12 years old – 13 in March – and he's within an inch or so of being as tall as I am? I'm 5'10". Not a giant, but still. He's huuuuuuge! I'm sure that more than one adult passing out candy last night thought he's too old to be trick-or-treating. Poor kid. 12! Here he is in all his Halloweenie glory this year:

You talkin' to me?

Gotch'yer face!

Then there's the girl. She's going to be tall early too. She just started kindergarten and she looks like she should be in 3rd grade. I guess they both managed to unlock the giant gene while they were floating in the birthin' fluid. Oh well, too late to do anything about it now. Heeeeeere's girlie:

But daddy! Nobody's going to think I'm cute!

Okay, the original plan was for her to be a Killer Queen, like the song, but her girl genes kicked in at the last minute and she decided she would rather be cute. So when it came time to actually do the door-to-door candy beggin' she passed on the mask:

That's better!

The candy donors at quite a few of the apartments we stopped at told her she was cute and/or gorgeous. Her answer? "Yes, I am."

And a final Halloween bonus for me, over at the Retropolitan's little patch of the net I seem to have won a contest. This is the first thing that I've won since art school. To say that I was surprised would be an understatement. I'll let you all know what the surprise prize is when I get it.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I really, really need to do more with it next year.


Anonymous said…
That was a VERY funny essay about the retail virtues of our undead friends! Let us know what you won.

foxymama said…
Gotta love 'em... Scary! Adorable! Now that the sugar fix has started, we get the real monsters... ~;^)
Anonymous said…
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Collin said…
Robyn: Will do. I just heard from him and he still doesn't know what the prize is going to be. But it will be something and it will be free, so who can really complain?

foxy: Yeah, I limit the amount of candy they are allowed to eat. As much as I can. Bu they are my kids so that means they'll sneak candy if at all possible.

Anon: Yes, it is a great blog, isn't it? Majestic even. Isn't sharing wonderful? Wonderful and great. And majestic. Okay, not really majestic, but great and wonderful. You are in luck, my fine mystery friend. I don't mind visitors at all anymore. There use to be a time when I would hunt down anyone who visited and snuff them in their sleep, but I quickly got tired of traveling. So now it's basically everyone is welcome to travel through my majestic realm in peace and safety. Good timing on your part. "Rashguards" eh? That's certainly something. Good luck with that. Personally, living in Colorado, I try to keep my surfing to the internet, and that doesn't often cause a rash. Haha. I'll pass on the visit if you don't mind, though. I have this odd feeling of ulterior motives in your invitation. Don't ask me why. I'm odd like that. Still, don't be a stranger. Bye bye.
Anonymous said…
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Collin said…
Yeah. That's what I need. A bunch of lost slot zombies wandering around my site. Yep. I'll get right on that.
Anonymous said…
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