Thursday, November 17, 2005

Now for something not so gruesome...

I took one of several "cute animal" photos that Heather sent to me and set about drawing it in (simulated) pencil. Here it is in its early stage:

Click it for a larger view.

The cat is mostly grey with a bit of white. Not one of the easier things to draw and it would have been a challenge even when I wasn't rusty. Now... I'm not even sure I'll finish it. So for now I present it as an unfinished sketch.

A story...

One of my two aunts who are younger than I am was getting married way back when. I think I must have already been in art school at that time. In fact it would probably be be around the time that I drew the Brahminy kite.

For a wedding gift, at my mother's insistence, I drew a picture of a kitten yawning using black and white charcoal pencils and a photo reference. We had it framed and she seemed to love it. I told her that I wanted to get a photo of it to add to my portfolio (such as it is), but I kept putting it off, like I tend to do. When I finally made time to get the photo taken the drawing had been "misplaced". I've never really been able to get a clear answer on what happened to it, nor have I ever gotten a photo of it. It really bugs me because I would love to see it again, just to see how my current drawing skills compare to then.


Heather said...

KITTY!! It's so cute and very well done!! :)

CtrlAltDelete said...


Dear GOD man, what will your crazy hands bring to life next? A puppy being strangled by a GOLF VISOR?

It does sort of remind me of my cat though; only Henna doesn't have a comfortable smile, she has the eyes of the devil. She's a cute kitty, anyway.

Kathleen said...

Very nicely done. It's amazing how cats get themselves into situations like that, though. Crazy kids!

Derek Knight said...

simulated pencil? SIMULATED PENCIL!? Dammit, man! I require only REAL pencil!

Collin said...

Heather: Well... 1/3 done. Thanks :)

ctrlaltdelete: The real tragedy is that it's a sandal so it can't even taste the kitty. No tongue.

Kathleen: Thank you.

Derek: Bully for you. I'm still trying to get used to drawing with the tablet, so for now it's simulated pencil.

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