Monday Things.

Seen on the way to work today:

An old man with an oxygen tank waiting to cross the street while smoking a cigarette. My twisted little mind started flashing through various scenarios as I turned past him. Primarily, I was wondering: If someone were to hit him 'just right', perhaps with a bit of bumper English, would he explode? And wouldn't that be something to explain?

"Hey Bob! How was your drive in?"

"Pretty good up until I blew up a little old man. How was yours?"


I have a story that I wanted to write and post today, however it's a three day work week so we have a lot of ads that are trying to squeeze on to the schedule and Derek is on vacation in Las Vegas so we are down an artist. *Mayday! Mayday! We're down an artist!* So far things don't look too crazy, so we'll see. If I can't get back to this, have a great Monday.


Robyn said…
My tax dollars are paying for his Medicare provided O2 tank. At least he's paying taxes back in with that overpriced cigarette.
David said…
What are these blogs all about anyway? I was surfing looking for as seen on tv and scrapbooking when I ended up here. Back to the relentless searching for as seen on tv and scrapbooking.
Red said…
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