Mental Monkeys Flinging Poo

I'm trying to draw something, anything, and nothing is flowing. My brain is clogged. Ugh. I can't even draw a freakin' zombie. Is that sad, or what? I need to figure out some kind of routine to break this horrible mindset that I keep falling into. Derek can draw anything at any time. Me? I freeze up. Why? I can draw. I've seen me do it! But at times it's like I'm seized by a mental panic monkey that ooks to me behind my eyes, "You can't do this. You suck. Look at that line! It's rubbish!" and it doesn't take long to convince me that it's right.

Grrr. Stinkin' monkey.


Anonymous said…
I hate that monkey.
Hooch said…
Sounds like that little monkey is jealous and wants to keep you all to itself...

I think we need to see a drawing of that monkey at his most embarrassing, (bare arsing?) so everytime he pops up, you can just quietly pull out the picture and he'll blush and hide back away again.

Although... can monkeys get embarrassed? The ones at the zoo seem not to.

I like monkeys. (I AM a monkey.)
Heather said…

Don't call him a monkey!!

Heheh. I'm sorry that you're having brain freezes. Those suck.

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