I love tangram games.

This one is a bit different though. It uses all of the standard pieces but you can't rotate them. In some ways this makes it easier. Also, in this Flash game there are a series of 7 random puzzles, each with a point value. If you finish them fast enough you get the point value plus a time bonus.

My challenge to you: Get as high a score as you can on the first try WITHOUT using the "allow cheats" button or the pause button. Make note of your score. Then try again, still without cheats or pausing. Note that score. Post both scores in the comments.

My scores:

1st = 1065
2nd = 1126

Click here to play the Tangram Game


Kathleen said…
Yeah, I so such at that that I couldn't even make the first doohickey. Could you turn the pieces? See? I'm an idiot.
Collin said…
Nope. In the real game you can, but not that one.

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