So the boy doesn't feel left out.

A few weeks ago the kids and I met up with Heather for dinner on a Tuesday night. We decided to dine at the lovely Wendy's on South Nevada Ave. If you are unfamiliar with South Nevada Ave., let's just say it's a colorful part of town, but it's also close to Heather's work which is a necessity since she only has an hour to finish eating and be back to it.

After eating, on the way back to her work, we were driving through the alley that runs behind Wendy's, Taco Bell and KFC. Justin suddenly piped up from the back seat: "Hey look! Real graffiti!"

I suppose all the years of video game graffiti – from Jet Grind Radio to GTA: San Andreas – still hadn't prepared him for his encounter with 'the real thing'.

Did we laugh? Oh yes, we did.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Derek Knight said…
nice intimate attire site you got goin' here, friend! you should...wait, no. Never mind.
Collin said…
Anony1: Shhhhhhhh! That blog is a secret!

Anony2: I really hope that "discount" doesn't mean "used".

"At Discount UnderStuff, we cut out the crotches and pass the savings on to YOU!"
Collin said…
Derek: Yeah, that's what I get for leaving my underwear strewn about the place.
Heather said…
I know you like to make fun of the spammers but they're so annoying!! Yargh!

And that was funny, what Justin said. He sounded like he'd just seen something wonderful & rare!! He's sheltered! :)
Anonymous said…
And by Erika Intimates Blog you mean another cute story about your kids! Sheesh! Those blog robots totally suck.

Finally a totally cute Justin story. I have been living in cities for so long, I forget that there are places without random graffiti. And you had to drive down a back alley in a sketchy part of town to see it. Was it just a little scribble crap on the wall, or was it a full on, full color tag, something someone spent some time painting?
Collin said…
Heather: True, but if I scrunch my eyes up a bit I can delude myself into thinking that I'm actually getting more comments than I am.

Robyn: I don't know because it was dark and we were past the spot before anyone else could see it. The next time we were around there I didn't notice anything. I would ask him, but I think he's annoyed I posted the story.

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