Another short one.

I stopped off at King Soopers on my way in to work to pay a couple of bills and pick up fluids for my stuffy head. On the way in the door I was passed by a tall, skinny, grey-haired Lurch looking guy with glasses who was on his way out. Since he looked a bit odd I watched him for a second as my door was cycling open. He took three steps, stopped and said, apparently to the parking lot at large, "Bong!"

I walked on in without looking back.


Derek Knight said…
You rang?
Heather said…
Ha! You find all the weirdos in this town, doncha baby? Maybe he lost his bong and he was calling to it, hoping it would come a'rollin'!!
Stiiiilll waiting for your prize to arrive at my doorstep. I'll let you know when it does. In fact, if you'd like to know what it is, you can just ask. Or wait for the surprise of it all...

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