Never stand between a zombie and his nacho money.

Mad for NACHOS!

I found this at a fun webpage called Stupid Comics. It's just a wee part of something bigger, but it's a pretty good wee part.

To the best of my knowledge, this is all I have for you today. I'm sorry. Try to soldier on and have yourselves a merry little weekend. Me? I'm going to do my best to avoid death by head cold. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said…
Sixth Annual Django Reinhardt N.Y. Festival
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Collin said…
Anonynew: You seem to have lost your train of thought there, just when you were getting to the interesting Gypsy bit.

On the other hand, I would actually be interested in instant road repair. You never know when you might be driving along on a rain soaked night being pursued by a psycho in a trashed pickup truck who is intent on wearing your face for giggles and find that the bridge has been washed out. It could come in handy, I tell you!

Ooo! OOO!

Do you have any "instant road damage" available? It would kick ass to be able to lay down some presto potholes on a tailgater or two. "Ride MY ass, will you! INTO THE PIT!" Let me know if you have that.
Derek Knight said…
Happy Veteran's Day, Airman. (salute)
Heather said…
I would never stand in the way of anyone's nacho money, let alone a zombie!!
MrBaliHai said…
I have no joke, I just like saying, "You're mad !
--O-O-OH !"
when being shot by a zombie at point-blank range.
I don't know where I found this game (it might've even been through this site), but you should check out if you haven't already. It's a deceptively simple free MMORPG, but it's zombies and fun.
Collin said…
Derek: It's just wrong that I have to work on Veteran's Day. WRONG!

Heather: Especially a zombie with a gun.

MrBaliHai: I bet he never saw those last words coming.

The Retropolitan: Yeah, I think I might have mentioned that one awhile back. I just have a problem with getting into MMORPGS these days. So you've tried it out? And it's fun? I may have to give it a shot after all.
Well, it's barely an MMO -- certainly not the kind of MMO that's popular these days. It seems more like an internet novelty: it's almost totally text-based, and there's not much story to speak of, other than "The city of Malton is overrun by zombies. Protect yourself." It's just a dinky game that's good to help get you through the boring minutes at work.
Anonymous said…
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