A few things about the stitched-up head drawing:

  1. Overall I don't like it. This isn't unique however. I dislike a lot of what I draw.
  2. The only bit of it that I used any reference for was the eyebrows. The ones that were there before looked even worse.
  3. Since I was having trouble pulling a drawing out of wherever it is that I keep them, I decided to sketch a lame-ass head and experiment with technique. While I like the idea of the stitching, it needs work. Specifically the entry points. I have ideas for "next time".
  4. Part of the motivation behind the end result was the "zombie pimp and whores" drawing that I said I would do for Trashman months ago.
  5. Another part was to see how creepy I could make it. There was more that I was thinking about doing, but I didn't have time.
  6. Man, I hate the nose. Steeeenkin' nose. I re-drew it twice and still hate it. It's tough drawing a face from your imagination if you haven't done it in awhile.
  7. The top of the head is a bit squashed because I fell into my old habit of starting too close to the top of the "paper". In this case I was using the program Alias Sketchbook Pro and, unlike Photoshop, it's not easy to resize the canvas to suit your needs. At least, I haven't found an easy way.
  8. Ummm. Yeah. That's about it. I'll make a "nice" drawing next to balance out the forces of light and darkness.


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