Back to it

As usual, I didn't accomplish even half of what I planned on this past "vacation" week. The biggest thing I failed to get done, and pretty much the sole reason for taking the vacation, was to illustrate a fairy tale. I'm not giving up though. It's going to go into "whenever" time. Also, Derek is making noises about working with me on something that I'm certain would turn out fantastic. We'll see how it goes.

On Saturday I did get to deal with a frozen drainage pipe that my washing machine empties into. Since the pipe was frozen solid the washer emptied onto my floor. That was fun. On the up side, the floor's clean now.

And at least one person in my house was more productive, artistically, than I was. My daughter found one of my sketchbooks and re-drew one of my drawings:

Not bad. I especially like how she drew the twitchy eye.

Have a good week everyone.


Pat Angello said…
Hey! I told Derek about this before, but I have an idea for a comic super hero. I have the story in my head, but I can't draw to save my life. Maybe we can collaborate and sell it on Cafe Press?
And how old is she? WOW! That's pretty good! Now, her's is on the right-hand side, correct? ;)
Conqueress said…
I love it! Maybe she should do a drawing of your Illustration Friday stuff and you can do joint submissions. I'm so impressed how she got all the mouth details in there too! A+ from me :-)
Collin said…
Pat: Would this be a super hero who's a comic? Like "stand-up" comic? Or comic book style? And keep in mind, I'm no Kirby or even Watterson. If the level of my artwork is acceptable to you perhaps we can give it a shot.

Professor K: She's six, and of course :)

Conqueress: That's a great idea. I'll bet she'll be up for it. We'll try that next week. Now watch, the word will be "conflagration" or something.

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