They say it's my birthday...

Well it's ... um ... my birthday... too? Yeah?


I figured I should post something to mark the day as it draws to a close. So. There it is. I'm now old. OldER. Older, but wiser.*


Heather gave me an awesome DVD collection of the Pink Panther cartoons. It's five discs with 124 cartoons. I've always LOVED Pink Panther (or as the kids call him these days, P. Puffy Kitty**) and my mom and step-dad helped me buy a new scanner that's 4x as powerful as my old one. Why do I need a new scanner? That's for me to know and for you to eventually find out.

Okay, now on to something different. Safeway, a grocery store in these here parts, has a store brand of grape soda called "Grape". I know. Ingenious. What's even more ingenious is that they've decided that the best way to convince the consumer to give it a try is by incorporating a seal that reads "Kid Approved!" in the can art.

Wow! You don't say? Kids approve of it? I'm sold! But wait... what else do kids approve of?

Boogers. Both the harvesting of them and disposal by flicking, rubbing on siblings or ingestion. I'm sure there are other things they approve of, but that's the first to come to mind, and really, after boogers, why go on? So, if you are an adult who is willing to base your shopping choices around what kids approve of, you might want to do give your nose a look. It could save you some money.

Okay, to be fair, as far as grape soda goes, it's not bad. And my kids approve of it.

* When I was a kid of seven or eight I had a Mad Magazine (No. 63, June 1961) that had a fake ad on the back spoofing Budwiser. Even at that young age I found a lot of humor in it. Likely due to my own dad's extensive drinking habits and subsequent divorce from my mother. I have almost nothing left from my childhood – nothing physical at least – but I do still have that Mad. Here's the ad (click for full size):

Man my scanner is nice.

** My daughter was watching the first disc with us this afternoon and she said that she really liked Pink Panther because "he's a kind of kitty". I said, "Yes. He's a panther." She asked, "What's a panther?" I replied, "A kind of kitty." I love molding the brains of children.

Random Parent: "Are those your children?"

Me: "The ones with the moldy brains? Yes. That's them. My wee angels. Isn't the wide look in their eyes simply precious?"

RP: "Um."


Heather said…
I hope you had a good birthday, baby! And The Pink Panther is just too cute!!
Happy birthday! How old are you now?
Gir said…
Happy Birthday!
Pat Angello said…
Happy B-Day, a day late. Still, you share it with my niece Rachel who is 15.

Holy CRAP! My neice is 15???!!!

Andy K said…
I couldn't figure out why this guy was wearing a red beret. Then I realized I'm an idiot.
Derek Knight said…
Yeah, happy birthday. I put that in my subheader. It's um...Kind of your gift. Hope you liked it!
Conqueress said…
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Conqueress said…
Cheers to another birthday, old man... I know I said it earlier this week, but hey, you really can never have enough well wishes. After all wishes are like boogers - not in the green & sitcky way - but definately kid approved.
Wendy said…
Sorry I'm late but Happy Birthday anyway. Hope it met with your approval. :)
ottoblotto said…
Happy Birthday. I so totally enjoy molding my own children's brains that I school them at home. Now, years later, they are completely unfit for a public school situation, but boy do we all have fun!
Monkey said…
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!
Collin said…
Thank you (a bit late) to every one of you who wished me a Happy Birthday! And you aren't an idiot Andy. It's obvious she really left him because he's French.

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