Answering Questions YOU Asked.

Nonono. Not you. Her and that guy behind her. And that other woman. And a couple of others. Okay, perhaps "YOU" was too general.

Answering Questions THESE PEOPLE Asked:

Robyn asked...
  • "what happened with your work?"
  • Well, long story short, my blog was brought to the attention of the owner of the company I work for, and from him to my boss. ANd I was having mini-panic attacks that it was going to lead to my unemployment. Luckily they like what they've seen. Or, if not, they haven't said anything.
Derek Knight asked...
  • "How's it feel to have a new fan base?"
  • It's a tingly feeling. Yes. Tingly with a tinch of crispiness around the edges.
Conqueress asked...
  • "Why don't you tan up like the natives (hehehe)?"
  • Funny thing. I'm a Colorado native and when I was seven years old I was convinced that meant I was an Indian. I would get into arguments with my mom about it. Tell her that she needed to return me to my people. When she finally convinced me that I wasn't an Indian I was annoyed. You see, there were some kids at school that needed a damned good scalping...
  • "If you could do anything you wanted to, what would you be doing right now?"
  • Touch my elbow to my nose.
  • "How about now?"
  • Put my shoulder back in its socket.
  • "Okay... really, if you were given one million dollars what would you do with the money?"
  • Really? I would pay off all of my and Heather's debts, buy a new house with a large yard, get a couple of new cars and a motorcycle, help out close friends and family, take at least a year off from "gainful employment" and set about trying to find out if I could make it as an illustrator. Nothing exciting, but I'd enjoy it.
Wendy asked...
  • "When did you first start to like zombies and why?"
  • Actually, this was the subject of one of my earliest Half-Assed Comics. (linkie here) Why? I don't know. I just like them. A lot. It's probably bordering on an unhealthy obsession. Almost up there with 'blogging' and comment checking.
  • "If you were a zombie and had your choice, who would you eat? And what part of their body would you start with?"
  • Bill Gates because I love rich food. And I would start with his brain, of course. I read recently that the IRS has a special computer just to handle his financial information. I couldn't help but wonder if it was powered by Windows. Imagine how tempting it would be to put out a security upgrade that would hide half his income.
  • "Do you like your haircut or do you want to grow it back out? (Saw the picture at Derek's, you and Heather look good together.)"
  • I like it. I've never liked it as short as it had to be in the military since that time, but I'm usually annoyed when it gets too long. Of course I also put off getting it cut until it's too long. I'm lazy like that. And thanks!

Thank you for your questions. If anyone has any more, feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll see about answering them next week.


Heather said…
"Return me to my people" - that's hilarious. You and my mother...
Derek Knight said…
I'm surprised that your mom didn't find a nice Indian family, just to teach you a lesson...
Conqueress said…
Bill Gates is a great zombie choice! Maybe you'd absorb some of his evil brain power like the Starship Trooper bugs, too!
Sea Angel said…
* I am pseudoindian as well! lol, but I haven't grown out of it. (I don't think I will, though)

* Putting your shoulder back in its socket it's not fun. Trust me on that. So don't to touch your nose with your elbow.

* Loved the comic, I used to have a crush on Freddy, I was totally infatuated with him, I was going to marry him when I grew up and become Mrs. Krueger, lol.

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