Drawing Project #1: Part... um...

4 I think. Or 5. Let's call it 4.

This one was a bit self initiated. Meaning the picture I worked on this time wasn't submitted to me. Rather it is one that Jared painted recently that I really liked the look of and I thought it would look good in the latest style I've been fiddling with.

Here's the original:

"LeperMan, steal your baby he can" by Jared von Hindman

Now on to mine:

"LeperMan, steal your baby he can" cut-paper ver. 1

My first version. Not bad but a bit "soft" in my opinion.

"LeperMan, steal your baby he can" cut-paper ver. 2

The second version is merely a modification of the first. I added a black inside stroke to each of the layers. I felt that although it goes against actual "cut-paper", it hardened up the edges and made it look better. But it still wasn't quite "all it could be".

"LeperMan, steal your baby he can" cut-paper ver. 3

Which led me to make this one, the one I'm happiest with. As you can see I took out my background and inserted Jared's original background in its place.

What Jared had to say about these amused me deeply:

Now THAT's a compliment!


Derek Knight said…
crazy, man, crazy...

That Jared...He's like an insane GENIUS!
Andy K said…
For some resaon I like your first one best. It seems more pure (pure EVIL?)
ottoblotto said…
So funny! I actually like the second version the best; I think I like the way the "S" curve in the background is mirrored in the baby's hair, but all 3 versions have great merit. Imagine what wonderful creations you will come up with now that you're brainless!
Heather said…
That JAred, he amazes me with what he can do. But then again, so do you. ;)
Jared said…
I stand by my compiment. Technology hates me and when I see it do strange things like this I can only call it magic. Again, good job.

This only goes to show that I need to either a)learn how to use Photoshop and similar "magic" programs or b)trick more people into collaborating with me that actually know what they're doing. Collin, watch your back. You know what I'm after. :P

(Btw, the 2nd one is still my favorite.)
Debra said…
Everytime I see these I want to sit down and try my own.. maybe I'll do that tonight. Great job, as always! I like the first and the last one, not sure which I like better.
Tony Sarrecchia said…
You know, you just don't see enought lepers in cartoons these days. Great job.
Collin said…
Derek: I know. I would never have thought of drawing something like that on my own.

Andy K: True. It's more like what it would look like if I actually made it from paper. Although the others fit the "comic" feel a bit better.

Ottoblotto: Yeah, but I kinda like the chaotic feel of the original background and I just couldn't capture that feel with vector layers. At least not in the time I was allowing myself for this. As for what I'll come up with now that I'm brainless... probably a lot of drool inspired works.

Heather: Aww. Thanks babe :) Sometimes I look at stuff I've done and think, "I made that?" and occasionally it's even in the good way.

Jared: If you ever want to work on something together, just let me know. The same goes for teaching you. While I may not be able to do a very good job of it from across the ocean, I know of quite a few decent, free, tutorial sites that you can explore for lessons and inspiration. There's still a lot more that I would like to learn myself.

Debra: Sure! Give it a shot and then let me see it. I'd like to see what you come up with.

Tony: I guess there just aren't enough parts. *ba-dum-bum* And thanks!

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