A lunchtime song and some babble.

'There's a hole in my burrito where the rice falls out
And sends my mind on walkabout
Where it will go
I just don't know...'

Thank you. Thank you. No flowers and undies please. Just toss money.

Also, for those of you worried, I've eaten past the hole and the rice is no longer falling.

And look! My mind's back!

It seems while on walkabout my mind found something in the bush. Something that might make me a candidate for a Individual Jihad or whatever word the extremist Islamic have for one particular person they would like to see dismembered from a larger group of likely candidates. Fatwah? I don't know. Here's hoping it won't come to that:

Imagine how different the world might be if Allah' s mentionable name was instead "Oollah". Then, saying "Oollah la" to a woman could be passed of as merely praying in public rather than behaving in a lewd and vaguely French manner. It would add a whole new layer to stealth sexism, and isn't that REALLY what religion is all about?

In hindsight, that's not that funny. Stupid mind. Get back to walking, you! And don't come back until you find something better!

Now that my mind and my burrito are gone I'll return to work. Have a great day all.


Heather said…
It was funny. Made me snicker. You had a burrito - I'm so jealous!!
Pat Angello said…
So, um, should I put my undies back on then?
Anonymous said…
Infidel. So when will Mohammad be the subject for Illustration Friday?
Conqueress said…
Taco taco, Burrito burrito... if you got a lot of money I'll give you taco flavored keeses, honey... Taco taco, Burrito burrito, fulfill all your weeshes with my taco flavor keesses. Ah, where's Kathy when you need her?
Debra said…
"Infidel. So when will Mohammad be the subject for Illustration Friday?"

Yes, when?

My mind walks out on me frequently.

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