We were at Hollywood Video a couple days ago. We being myself, Heather and Jordyn, my little silly girl.

Recently I joined Hollywood's "MVP" membership which allows me the take out up to three older VHS tapes or DVDs and any newer "MVP" marked movies for no charge. I can do this as many times a month as I want. All I pay is $9.95 per month for the first three months and $14.95 thereafter, cancellation at any time. It's like Netflix without the wait. I'm trying to get my money's worth on this, and it's a great opportunity to check out movies that I wouldn't normally risk my cash on. So far I've taken nine movies out, so I'm ahead financially, but a few of those nine were... not so good.

I told Jordyn on this particular visit that she could get whatever kid movie she wanted, and Heather and I were going to pick out the other two. heather and I went with 'Ghost Busters' since my son hadn't seen it yet, and 'Without a Paddle' which was actually surprisingly better than we expected. Unlike 'Envy' which was surprisingly worse.

While we were in the kid's section we tried to steer Jordyn to some of the more classical cartoon movies, like 'The Secret of Nihm' or Disney's animated 'Robin Hood' but no, she latched on to 'Hamtaro.'

"But daddy! I looove Ham-a-taroooo! And you said I could get whatever movie I want so why can't I get this?"


"Ham-a-taro" it was.

For those unfamiliar with it, 'Hamtaro' is a children's anime with a hamster theme. It used to run on Cartoon Network. I say "used to" because I haven't seen it advertised in quite awhile. It may still be there somewhere though.

In the car on our way home Heather was looking at the case and said, "This looks like it might actually be cute."

I replied, "I've seen a couple episodes. It's not that horrible. Although they don't air the Richard Gere episode anymore."

Much to my surprise Heather started laughing at that and said, "That's why you're so funny. You said that totally deadpan."

To which I said, "Derek says the same thing. It's too bad I can't make that work in print."

Jordyn couldn't understand why Heather was laughing. I told her, "Don't worry about it, ooooh! Look over there!" and that was that.

A bit later Jordyn got to join in the fun when Heather said, in response to Jordyn's talking about Ham-a-taro this and Ham-a-taro that, "I want a Ham & Taro sandwich." Jordyn let out a really loud laugh and exclaimed, "Oh, Heather! You've made it even funnier now!"

And there you go. The 'Ham-a-taro' story. Fast because I'm in a hurry. You're welcome.


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