Is it just me?

Is it just me or do you occasionally find yourself in the bathroom working hard at accomplishing Nature's demands when it suddenly occurs to you that this is how Elvis died*? And since you are nowhere nearly as famous as Elvis was, once you are dead that's it and if you're remembered at all it won't be for your music, art, or generosity but rather that you were that guy (or gal) who kicked it in the crapper and perhaps you might want to consider taking a breath and relaxing before something pops that shouldn't? I really hope that isn't just me.

* Actually, I'm not sure if that was how Elvis died, I just recall it being said that he was found in the bathroom. One telling I heard, when it was rather fresh in the mind and I was rather young, had the additional details of "with his pants around his ankles, clutching a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken." I'm reasonably sure that bit was a joke, but I can't say it hasn't made an impression on me. For once Wikipedia wasn't much help. Although here under "How did Elvis die?" they say he was found in the bathroom with his pajama bottoms around his ankles. No mention of KFC though.


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