I have no idea what I was thinking. Well, I have some idea. Traditionally I take my birthday off from work and I had it in my mind that I started 'Fizzle & Pop' last year at Derek's urging when I came back from my last birthday vacation. Okay, it was more threats than urging, but still. That made today my one year anniversary in my mind. But I was WRONG! Silly head with wonky memories. My anniversary was back on February 12th. So, now that I've missed the opportunity to end this whole thing on a sensible date rather than at some random time I guess I'll have to continue a while longer until I can come up with some other pretext for stopping. Like I suddenly find myself way too wealthy to be bothered* or something. Drat.

*If there is someone out there reading this that would like to engage in an experiment to see if a massive amount of money would, in fact, kill my urge to blog I would be most willing to assist by accepting said money. You know, in the name of science and for the advancement of mankind. Thought I should mention it just in case.


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