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land of prudes and fanatics. Please leave your jiggly-fun-bits at the border and enjoy your visit.

Muralist's vision has jail staring him in face: found via boingboing.

I really just don't know. Do these fundamentally (emphasis on "mental") oriented people who profess to believe in God and His Wisdom really think that Eve was created with pre-placed pasties? Are they so afraid of a bare boob that they are going to toss reason out the window? Why do they react this way when confronted with a nipple or two?

Okay, fine, in order to obtain the variance that allowed him to paint the wall he agreed to "no letters" and "no inclusion of genitalia" and he didn't abide by that as far as the word "Love" goes but – and I could be wrong here – I've always thought that "genitals" were limited to that bit that lives where your legs meet. Breasts aren't genitals. Nowhere is there any mention in the article that you can spy Eve's beaver, so the problem is with her "happy fun bags" which, if they aren't genitals*, weren't covered under his agreement.

Half the population of the world owns a pair and the other half want to see them, either openly or secretly. I'm leaving sexual preference out of this because I would imagine for every guy that is repulsed by them there is a woman willing to to have a peek. And the bisexuals can pick up the slack.

Is it to "protect the children"? One of my earliest posts brought this up. THEY WERE MADE FOR THE CHILDREN, you ignorant, self loathing bastards! Instead of fighting the flesh that God has chosen to give us, how about fighting ignorance and intolerance before things get irrevocably out of hand?

This is seriously fucked up and is one more reason to fear the future. That is if you enjoy things like "art" and "sex" and would prefer to enjoy them without government, or other third party interference, either together or separately. Like a Resse's peanut butter cup**, "You've got your breast in my artwork!" "You got your artwork on my breast!" "MmmmMMmmMMM!"

Hopefully, this will go the way of the earlier case of artistic repression that bb posted about and be tossed out of court.

*gen•i•tals pl.n. The reproductive organs, especially the external sex organs.

They don't even have to be touched to make a baby, therefor they aren't "reproductive" organs ("Remember kids! If you don't twiddle the knobs a baby won't pop out!"). Just because they are great fun to play with, it doesn't make them integral to the baby-makin' process. They are functional and useful AFTER the baby arrives, but in the meantime they are icing on the cake. Not genitals.

**Good Lord... I'm starting to feel like a differently bizarre Forrest Gump with my whole (apparent) Reese's fixation.


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