Is it just me?

Have you ever found yourself driving along at night when suddenly you have a cowboy's wet dream of a pickup with lifts and floods right on your ass and his lights are shining into your car so brightly that you can see the backs of your eyeballs? And he won't go around even if you drive the speed limit? So you flip the dimmer switch on your mirror and ride it out until you can finally lose him on a turn. Do you ever spend that time considering how you would love to follow him home, drug him and later sell his organs and truck on eBay for fun money? Or is it just me?


Nate said…
No, you are not alone. I had such an experience last week while on a driving lesson and it scared the living crap out of me.

But then that's why they made learner drivers, and brakes and ditches...

Your site is amazing!! I came across is by accident but i shall be sure to check it daily.

Nice work!!

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