Nothing like finding out you're unoriginal.

Google seems to be a fickle mistress at times. Back before I posted my first "CliparToon" I googled the word to see if there was anything else "out there" that was already using that name and was similar to what I was doing. It returned one hit. "Cooptoons" and that was it. And since he was actually calling his "Cooptoons" I figured I was in the clear.

Today I spent a couple seconds googling it one more time to see if my blog had shown up yet. While my blog didn't, for some reason, my art storage site did. As well as three additional pages of links that didn't show up the first time I searched. What's more, one of the people who managed to beat me to the title that I thought was so clever is named "Derek." Which figures. His actual site appears to be gone from the net, however, and all that are left are sites that had linked to him.


Now I need to come up with a new name for these things and I'm too creatively drained right now to think of one. Pathetic, huh?
UPDATE: Ahah. I see what happened. The first time I searched the singular of the word, which is what I used for the title: "CliparToon." That only returns a hit at my art site and CoopToons. So just perhaps I might be in the clear, since the competition for the plural appears to be defunct. And I suppose technically the full title is "Another Fantabulous CliparToon by Collin" so... um... nevermindsomuch. I'm burnt out. Ignore my gibberings.


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