More about lulu.

Kif is using to publish her book, 'Pree' (which I've linked to in my sidebar) and I had mentioned to Mark that if I manage to get my "stuff" together enough to write a book with Heather that I would likely use them as well. I had suggested that he check into using them to publish and distribute his next issue of 'Crimewave' after he posted about the problems he's having with his current distributor but I think he's going to do something different.

I just found out that the author of an online book, 'The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect,' that I stumbled across a couple years back has chosen to go with for his hard copy as well. He talks about why he came to that decision over all of the other "print on demand" services that are out there here and it sounds quite good to me.


There you go.

Have a great Tuesday.


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